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[Why Crochet?]

Crochet is extremely versatile. and great for soakers/longies as it uses more yarn than knitting does, therefore offers more protection. Crochet can offer great protection for very heavy wetters, and for overnight use. Try one of our soakers or longies and I bet you'll be hooked!


[Sizing ]

Each item is handmade, therefore each item will vary in size slightly - due to different yarns used. I always suggest you go by the measurements listed with each individual item, comparing to your child's measurements taken OVER his/her diaper. However the following is a sizing guide for the products we carry. 

  Premie Small Medium Large X-Large
Weight >7 lbs 8-16 lbs 16-22 lbs 22-28 lbs 25+lbs
Waist 10"-15.5" 12"-18.5 16"-22" 17-23" 19"-25"
Thigh 4"-8" 6"-10" 9"-11" 10"-13" 12"-14"
Rise 11.5" 14" 16" 18" 20"

Need Help Getting your Child Measurements??

Click the photo to see our tutorial


The following is a guideline for pricing, some yarns will raise or lower the price. I use very high quality 100% wool yarns unless stated otherwise. If you are interested in a item not listed, please email me for a quote. I can do most anything.

  Premie Small Medium Large X-Large
Soaker $32 $34 $41 $47 $53
Shorts $35 $38 $45 $51 $57
Capris $38 $43 $49 $55 $61
Longies $41 $47 $53 $59 $65

Prices are for basic items. I can finish legs plain, cuffed, ribbed, scallopped lace, and with ruffles. All at no extra charge.

Other items can be added for extra, some of these items include cargo pockets +$7, short rows +.75 each, bum ruffles +$1.00 a row, matching hat +$10-$18, and more....


[Refunds & Exchanges]

Refunds and exchanges will be determined on a case to case basis. In most cases an exchange will be allowed if the item has not yet been worn or laundered. Briefly trying an item on is okay. Due to the nature of custom orders they cannot be exchanged or refunded. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


[Caring for Your Wool]

All covers will arrive in your hands washed, lanolized and ready to use. Our products are made of high quality 100% wool. Due to wool's unique properties wool can be worn for up to 2 weeks, sometimes longer without needing to be washed. Of course if your wool cover should become soiled it should be washed before the next use.

Wool should be hand washed and hung/laid flat to dry. You should never wring wool as it can lose it's shape. If you want you can lay your cover between 2 towels and roll out the excess moisture then hang/lay flat to dry. Wool can take up to 3 days to dry. Never dry your wool in a dryer.

You can purchase wool washes with lanolin in them. If your wash does not have lanolin, you will need to lanolize (add lanolin) to it periodically. If your cover starts to leak or wick its time to lanolize. I prefer to get a wash lanolin in it, and omit the extra steps. Another great idea is to get a lanolin spray. We exclusively use Monkey Sudz to wash and lanolize our covers.

If cared for properly your wool soaker should last long enough to diaper several children. If you have any questions on the care of your soaker please feel free to contact me.


[About Me]

My name is Amy Archibald, I'm 23 years old and married to my husband Neil. We will have been married 6 years this summer.

I am a stay at home mom to my 3 little men, Aiden ('01), Chase ('04), and Alex ('05). 

I started cloth diapering when I found out I was pregnant with Alex as a way to save a little extra money. I soon grew to love it and wouldn't change the way I diaper my kids for anything now. The benefits of cloth are amazing. I wish more first time moms knew how easy and rewarding cloth is! I wish more 2nd+ time moms knew too for that matter. Haha!!

I started crocheting soakers & longies for my boys and my crochet hobby (okay addiction) has grown from there. I decided it would be fun to crochet for others as well and branch out and so here I am.

So why is my site called "Left Hook Boutique"? Because I am left handed and I crochet with a "hook"! I know cheesy, but its different and fun, so there we go. :-)


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