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Thank you for your custom order! I have created this form to expedite the process. If you could take a moment to fill it out I would greatly appreciate it. If you have ANY questions don't hesitate to ask! Once you have submitted the form I will email you email to confirm your choices, and a invoice for the remainder due. If you have not received a confirmation email within 12 hours, please contact me because there was a glitch in the system, and I didn't get it.

Thanks again! I can't wait to get started on making the custom item you desire! :0)

E-mail Address:  

1. What item would you like?

2. Please Submit the following Measurements (Help!)

3. If ordering longies how would you like the legs finished?

4. Would you like a solid colored waistband?
    Yes     No

5. Would you like solid colored cuffs
    Yes     No  

6. If yes to either 5 or 6, what color?

7. Would you like to add any extras to your item?
Cargo Pockets ($7.00)   
Short Rows (.75 each)
     How many?
Bum Ruffle Short Rows ($1.00 each)
     How many?
Matching Hat ($10-$18)
     Head circumference?
Stripes ($5 each extra color
     Colors of stripes?

8. Anything else you would like to add?

9. If you ordered a t-shirt, please share any ideas you have for it.
    **If left blank I will email you some ideas.